Sam Javanrouh About Shooting People

Sam Javanrouh is a young Canadian photographer, he was born in Tehran and he’s working on his personal project: Daily Dose of Imagery since 2003.

He publishes a picture on his blog everyday and – I assure you – he hasn’t missed a day!! Naturally I’m not a “Daily Dose of Imagery” follower from the beginning but during the last year I’ve always had my daily dose of his photography.

Most part of the photos you’ll find on the website are about the city of Toronto, pictured with cityscapes, street photography, architecture and landscapes. You can see great events like the Toronto Zimbie Walk or the Toronto Film Festival from the Sam’s photographic eye. Moreover he sometimes produces stop motion videos (like this), flash animations, 360° images and more cool stuff using his daily shootings.

Yesterday, in reply of many questions from his followers, Mr. Javanrouh published an interesting article regarding street people photography, I suggest you to see these beautiful pics followed by his comments about.

I’m posting some examples below, the full article is available here:

"Obama Girl Inauguration"

Rain Runner

"Tractor Man"

~ Andrea ~

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