Fabio Corinaldesi’s Historical Photographic Techniques

Hi everybody, today I’m glad to present you the man of the Historical Photographic Techniques: Fabio Corinaldesi.
Fabio is for first a very special friend, so I’m very happy to dedicate this post, in addition to this (although “officially” it’s life business is completely far from photography) he’s a real expert of any photographic technique that don’t involve anything like pixels, bytes, electricity except perhaps for a couple of batteries and any kind of digital content.

The techniques that Fabio have explored and used with great satisfaction ranging from traditional Silver printing, Pinhole photography, Van Dyke printing, Cyanotype, Polaroid, Kallitype, Gum Bichromate and last but not least the Wet Collodion Process.

I suggest you take a ride on its website constantly updated with new results fruits of hard work and passion in the darkroom.


~ Andrea ~

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