Brand New Web Based EXIF Editor

During  last weeks I’ve worked on a little project that combines my two passions: photography and web applicatons. It’s a web interface for exiftool: the best editor to modify the EXIF data contained into an image file.

For those who don’t know what is EXIF data: it’s a bunch of information written by a digital camera into an image file, for example: date and time of capture, camera used, exposure, GPS location etc…

Why do I need an EXIF editor?

Bceause I like both digital and film photography, so I scan many pictures with an hardware that doesn’t know when I’ve got them, the camera I used etc… this will end up in a photo archive full of pictures with wrong or missed EXIF data.

The best EXIF editor is free, its name is exiftool and it runs with a command line interface (in other words it’s not practical). On the developer website there’s a list of graphical user interfaces for a better use of exiftool but I’ve not found anything that I like, especially that runs on a Mac.

So I’ve realized my own web interface: it’s free, it’s web based and I hope that it’ll be useful for someone.

I’ll end the development during next week, below I attach a screenshot of the GPS editor (you can change the location of a picture by simply dragging the Google marker)….stay tuned!!


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