The Million Dollar Camera

Few months ago I had the opportunity of trying (unfortunately just for few minutes) the latest M camera of the famous German producer: the M9.

On the top of this post you can see a photo made with the 50mm ASPH (aspherical) lens.

I’ve always been fascinated from the Leica M series and the little test drive with the M9 has confirmed my expectations: I like the body design, the controls minimalism, the metal details and the materials used.
There’s a big difference between my 5D and the M9 even in the shutter sound: you almost can’t hear a M9, while the 5D-in comparison-seems a scammed door.

I’m not totally satisfied by the M9 rangefinder: I’ve imagined a bigger area to focus with, so during my first attempts I’ve had some problems to get a good sharpness. I think that it needs some training to become familiar with the rangefinder.

Anyway, I love it !!! It’s a great camera in (almost) every aspect ….. except for its price. The Leica company has always made exceptional products at astronomical prices!! The previous M8 was very expensive and, in my honest opinion, the price of the camera was even less justified due to the lack of a full frame sensor. The M9 has at least a 18 megapixel in a 24×36 sensor, but Leica has boosted the price to maintain an extremely expensive product as usual.

I think that the price of the classics M6 and M7 is more justified, because they’re immortal cameras that will never become old. Sooner or later I’ll give up and I’ll buy one of them, perhaps with a 35mm lens that I consider an ideal focal length for a rangefinder camera. We know the M9 has great capabilities, Leica has exceptional glasses (with a very classic touch), all the equipment is made in Germany and the M series have a great story but you can buy entire photographic set made by another Japan company for the same price of an M9!!

Below there’re some interesting resources:

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  3. RangeFinder Forum: an English forum dedicated to the rangefinders enthusiasts (but not only);
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