Steve Huff & the Lomography Petzval Art Lens

I stumbled into Steve Huff several years ago when I noticed his gallery on, I remember that there were some beautiful photos taken with an EOS 5D and some fixed lens, then he began his prosperous adventure with the blog that I follow constantly because it’s full of really interesting reviews, especially regarded the Leica and Mirrorless worlds.

Today I want to introduce you to close a remake, produced by the Lomo, it’s the first lens dedicated to portraits ever invented: the Petzval.
The name comes from its inventor, Mr. Joseph Petzval who built it in 1840.

Steve has mounted the Lomo Petzval on a Sony A7s, a well known full frame mirrorless that like any mirrorless is characterized by a very short distance between sensor and lens, this makes a mirrorless camera ready for any lens ever built (obviously by using an adapter ring).

If the images in the gallery have catched your eyes, this is the full article on The Lomography Petzval Art Lens Review. Surreal Beauty.

~ Andrea ~

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