John Kraus: the Rocket Photographer

I’ve discovered John Kraus by reading an article on, he’s just 18 years old and his primary photo subjects are rocket launches.
He takes absolutely stunning picture of these launches, I’m really impressed!

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Fabio Corinaldesi’s Historical Photographic Techniques

Hi everybody, today I’m glad to present you the man of the Historical Photographic Techniques: Fabio Corinaldesi.
Fabio is for first a very special friend, so I’m very happy to dedicate this post, in addition to this (although “officially” it’s life business is completely far from photography) he’s a real expert of any photographic technique that don’t involve anything like pixels, bytes, electricity except perhaps for a couple of batteries and any kind of digital content.

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The 10 Most Expensive Photos Ever Sold

Paul Dorrel Photography has published a really nice infographic to show the 10 most expensive photos ever sold.


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Toshihiro Oshima from TOKYO

Here’s another great discovery I made on Flickr: Tshihiro Oshima.

The Art of Toshihiro Oshima comes from a great Cinema passion, in particular from the inspiration grabbed from extraordinary Photography Directors like: Geoffrey Unsworth (DP of “2001: A Space Odyssey; Cabaret; A Bridge Too Far etc) or Gordon Willis (DP of Godfather series, early Woody Allen films etc), and a particular obsession with Stanley Kubrick.

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Electrolite: a blog by Shannon Richardson

Since my favourite kind of photography is the Film Photography (time permitting) and considering that my favourite film format is the 6×6, I’m posting another nice blog made all in 6×6.

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Framed – An iPhone 4S Short Story

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Sam Javanrouh unfortunately has ended the Daily Dose of Imagery project

Sam Javanrouh is a photographer from Toronto, I’ve posted an article about his blog here.
In addition to being an extraordinary photographer I’ve really liked his Daily Dose of Imagery blog, where for 10 years he’ve published a photo a day.
He never missed a shot and, unfortunately, July 4, 2013 he finished his business with

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Synap(see) Projects

Do you know the Synap(see) group? It brings together eight talented photographers to develop personal projects from a common base theme. I’ve saw the work “Terra Nostra” at the FacePhotoNews meeting (Sassoferrato – AN – ITALY) and I must say I was really impressed by the images exposed.

The authors involved in this project are:

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Photographers: Ivan Constantin

This post is dedicated to another exceptional portrait’s artist with a bunch of really great works. His name is Ivan Constantin, he lives in Montpellier were he also performs most of his Street Photography work.

He is intersted most of all in the human figure: He put under the spotlight various characters, allowing us to see different lives and personalities. Please check out them to understand it’s style!

Here’s the link to his website, where you can see all his work:

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DIY Camera

Have you ever thought of building a camera? Probably will not be easy but in the next link you’ll find some great ideas regarding the home made camera construction.

There are many examples, from Folding to Large Format:
Camera Builders

*The one pictured on top is the 6×7 View Camera

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Mike Peters – A Street Photographer

This post is dedicated to a real Street Photography specialist. I’ve been following him since a very long time on Flickr and his name is Mike Peters, he comes from New Jersey and he’s a professional photographer with a great passion for Street Photography who practices exclusively with a classic Hasselblad camera.

His latest project “THE DREAM” is a series of photos depicting

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The Best Darkrooms Project

This post is dedicated to Richard Nicholson and his Darkroom’s Project: a portfolio of 22 shots from the fabulous Darkroom of some London’s photographers.

Here you can see a wonderful video regarding the project (it has been posted by the
Below you’ll find my favourites shots, for the entire set please check the website of Richard Nicholson → Analog – Last One Out

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Time Lapse Video of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Sean Stiegemeier, a young Video Maker from Los Angeles has made a stunning time lapse video of the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The video shows the eruption from various locations, so I suggest you to take a look of the amazing landscapes near the volcano.

To get more information

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Markus Schwarze: Picture of the Day

Today I want to let you know a German guy called Markus Schwarze and his “Picture of the day project”: a great series of people portrait that he’s collecting since last months.

I’ve found Markus on flickr during my usual browsing.

His pictures have a great touch and light, they’re also very detailed and 3D like!
I recommend you to check the entire set on Flickr or the dedicated website at

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"Sam Javanrouh"

Sam Javanrouh About Shooting People

Sam Javanrouh is a young Canadian photographer, he was born in Tehran and he’s working on his personal project: Daily Dose of Imagery since 2003.

He publishes a picture on his blog everyday and – I assure you – he hasn’t missed a day!! Naturally I’m not a “Daily Dose of Imagery” follower from the beginning but during the last year I’ve always had my daily dose of his photography.

Most part of the photos you’ll find on the website are about the city of Toronto, pictured with cityscapes, street photography, architecture and landscapes.

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