Fabio Corinaldesi’s Historical Photographic Techniques

Hi everybody, today I’m glad to present you the man of the Historical Photographic Techniques: Fabio Corinaldesi.
Fabio is for first a very special friend, so I’m very happy to dedicate this post, in addition to this (although “officially” it’s life business is completely far from photography) he’s a real expert of any photographic technique that don’t involve anything like pixels, bytes, electricity except perhaps for a couple of batteries and any kind of digital content.

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Toshihiro Oshima from TOKYO

Here’s another great discovery I made on Flickr: Tshihiro Oshima.

The Art of Toshihiro Oshima comes from a great Cinema passion, in particular from the inspiration grabbed from extraordinary Photography Directors like: Geoffrey Unsworth (DP of “2001: A Space Odyssey; Cabaret; A Bridge Too Far etc) or Gordon Willis (DP of Godfather series, early Woody Allen films etc), and a particular obsession with Stanley Kubrick.

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Steve Huff & the Lomography Petzval Art Lens

I stumbled into Steve Huff several years ago when I noticed his gallery on, I remember that there were some beautiful photos taken with an EOS 5D and some fixed lens, then he began his prosperous adventure with the blog that I follow constantly because it’s full of really interesting reviews, especially regarded the Leica and Mirrorless worlds.

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Analog Camera Porn

Just a bunch of my favourite shots from Flickr.
Under each picture you can find a link to the original page ;)

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Electrolite: a blog by Shannon Richardson

Since my favourite kind of photography is the Film Photography (time permitting) and considering that my favourite film format is the 6×6, I’m posting another nice blog made all in 6×6.

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If you like the classic vintage audio’s equipment of the 60’s you must check this blog:

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Hi, if you like old school lenses please check out this interesting review from one of my favourite blog:


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Kodak Films Almost Dead

Bad news for the Kodak’s Film lovers, the giant has announced the sale of Personalised Imaging and Document Imaging divisions in order to concentrate his energies on the business market. Unfortunately the Personalised Imaging Unit includes the traditional print kiosks and the beloved consumer films.

If nobody will continue the production of consumer films

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DIY Camera

Have you ever thought of building a camera? Probably will not be easy but in the next link you’ll find some great ideas regarding the home made camera construction.

There are many examples, from Folding to Large Format:
Camera Builders

*The one pictured on top is the 6×7 View Camera

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Olympus OM-2S + Zuiko 55mm f/1.2

I’ve been shooting with an Olympus OM-2S (Spot/Program) film camera since about 4 months and now I think it’s time to spend few words about it.

I’ve chosen the OM-2S version of the OM series because (I admit it) I like a little bit of comfort and, despite all the contrasting opinions about this body and its reliability, I’ve preferred a modern revision of the acclaimed OM-1.
The 2S is the evolved version of the OM-2n, it inherits the same OM electronic body and adds some nice features like the spot metering, ASA 3200 and LCD indicators in the viewfinder.

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