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DIY Camera

Have you ever thought of building a camera? Probably will not be easy but in the next link you’ll find some great ideas regarding the home made camera construction.

There are many examples, from Folding to Large Format:
Camera Builders

*The one pictured on top is the 6×7 View Camera

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Lytro Light Field Camera

The Lytro company has announced a revolutionary camera able to capture a four dimensions scene by catching every light ray that flow into it. The end result is an image that, with the provided software, it can be refocused by choosing a different point of focus.

The sensor inside the camera is a 11 Megaray (they call it in this way) that is combined with a 35-280mm constant F2 lens and embedded into a completely new design for a camera.

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Adobe Sneak Peeks 2011 – Deblurring

Yesterday, Adobe has posted some videos regarding some new technologies that problably will be included in the next version of their software suites.

The most interesting feature that is creating a huge excitement on the web is the Image Deblurring, ie the ability to restore blurred images due to a camera shake during the capture.

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I’m pleased to announce that the EXIF editor I’ve developed is now online.

With this tool (completely free) you can change

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