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Mike Peters – A Street Photographer

This post is dedicated to a real Street Photography specialist. I’ve been following him since a very long time on Flickr and his name is Mike Peters, he comes from New Jersey and he’s a professional photographer with a great passion for Street Photography who practices exclusively with a classic Hasselblad camera.

His latest project “THE DREAM” is a series of photos depicting

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Concorso Leica 24×36

Segnalo il concorso 24×36 promosso dalla Leica.
Il funzionamento è molto semplice:

1) Bisogna caricare 3 foto sul sito dedicato;
2) Vengono selezionate 24 persone alle quali sarà data in comodato d’uso gratuito una Leica X1;
3) I fotografi selezionati hanno 3 mesi di tempo per produrre un portfolio fotografico, composto da 36 opere sulla propria città, il tema è “One camera, One lens, One city”.

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Nikon 1 System: The Anti Micro 4/3

Nikon has recently announced his new 1 System by introducing two new camera micro 4/3 like, the V1 and J1, the first designed for the photo enthusiasts and the second for consumer public.

The V1 and J1 are mirrorless camera (so small in size) powered by a 10MP sensor called “CX” (identical in both cameras) smaller than the classic micro 4/3 already developed by competitors.

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