Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Million Dollar Camera

Few months ago I had the opportunity of trying (unfortunately just for few minutes) the latest M camera of the famous German producer: the M9.

On the top of this post you can see a photo made with the 50mm ASPH (aspherical) lens.

I’ve always been fascinated from the Leica M series and the little test drive with the M9 has confirmed my expectations: I like the body design, the controls minimalism, the metal details and the materials used.
There’s a big difference between my 5D and the M9 even in the shutter sound: you almost can’t hear a M9, while the 5D-in comparison-seems a scammed door.

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Markus Schwarze: Picture of the Day

Today I want to let you know a German guy called Markus Schwarze and his “Picture of the day project”: a great series of people portrait that he’s collecting since last months.

I’ve found Markus on flickr during my usual browsing.

His pictures have a great touch and light, they’re also very detailed and 3D like!
I recommend you to check the entire set on Flickr or the dedicated website at

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