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"Sam Javanrouh"

Sam Javanrouh About Shooting People

Sam Javanrouh is a young Canadian photographer, he was born in Tehran and he’s working on his personal project: Daily Dose of Imagery since 2003.

He publishes a picture on his blog everyday and – I assure you – he hasn’t missed a day!! Naturally I’m not a “Daily Dose of Imagery” follower from the beginning but during the last year I’ve always had my daily dose of his photography.

Most part of the photos you’ll find on the website are about the city of Toronto, pictured with cityscapes, street photography, architecture and landscapes.

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How To: Merge Landscapes In Photoshop

the following post will try to explain how I’ve processed this image in Photoshop CS4; I’m writing this article for two reason: first of all I hope it’ll be usefull for somebody and second I’ll be happy to know your opinion about what I’ve done in this picture.

The method is useful for landscapes images where there’s a strong difference between the grass and the sky. Both parts should be differently exposed and we know that it’s difficult to achieve a good result with just one shot.

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Revisited Design And Brand New Blog

I’ve finally found time to upgrade the website and to launch the brand new Reading section (yes, the page you’re actually reading ;)), this one will be my blog, where I would like to share news, curiosities, experiences and why not? photos than usually make me inspired.

At the first time I’ve built the website to share some pics on the web like many people usually do but now I would like to propose some useful content and more information about my photography to my visitors.

Ok…this one should be something like “my first post”, I hope to write more interesting contents in the next days and in the meantime, if you want, leave me a feedback about my website.

Thank you very much.

~ Andrea ~